On New year’s eve – a few minutes into 2020, I was on a balcony at a friend’s friend’s place. Celebrating the end of an era. Wearing 1920’s themed outfits. Watching the fireworks in Lauttasaari. Knowing that 2020 would be a year of many changes as I was moving to London in two days. But little did I know that a world-wide crisis would affect my life two and a half months later. I’ve been told that recession would hit the economy soon but I didn’t believe it would happen so fast.

I moved to London because I got the opportunity to do an 11-month internship at the Finnish Institute there. It was right before Brexit and a bit different route than I had imagined for myself after graduation. But when you are given the opportunity to move abroad – you just go even if that meant leaving your boyfriend back in Finland.

It was a challenge to find a decent room. I lived the first month in a hostel in Lancaster Gate sharing room with another girl. First a Spanish girl, later a French girl with both I became good friends with. Later when I moved to my own room, I could finally relax and start get my London life in order. Start working out, socializing and have routines. You know the drill. But it was so stormy in February with Ciara and Dennis so I kind of postponed that for a while.

Maybe we were a bit too ignorant about the C word. When my boyfriend visited me in London, we traveled across London in all directions. South, East, West, North. You name it. I saw more of London in a couple days than I had done the entire time I was in London. It was about a week before the museums and the restaurants closed down.

Then on Friday the 13th of March, our office closed down and I flew back to Finland the day after without knowing when I could go back. Now it’s been about 4 weeks since then and I’ve finally started to have some routines again. But now I have to re-adapt again because suddenly I have one month off from my internship. So this year has been all about finding the balance and the calmness in the middle of the chaos. Even in the time of despair, I hope there will be some positive outcomes. You know maybe I will finally learn to read those piano sheets that I have been intending to do for years. Hopefully we will all learn something from this experience and not take things for granted.

Take care and see you next time.



Tueday 9 pm



Utanför fönstren blåser hårda vindar. Här inne laddar jag upp bilder från sommaren, från värmen, från dagar då huden var alldeles glansig av svett. Tänker ofta på sommaren. Tänker speciellt på tunna klänningar och bara ben. Om några veckor kanske. Tänker ibland på framtiden och karriär. Det finns mycket jag skulle vilja lära mig ännu. Jag har planer till några dagar in på augusti, sen är det väldigt öppet ännu vad som händer.


There are stormy winds out there, meanwhile I’m uploading pictures from the summer, from sunny days when my skin was glowing of sweat. Thinking about the summer, and thin dresses and bare legs. Maybe in a few weeks. Sometimes I’m also thinking about the future and career. There’s still a lot of things that I would like to learn. I’ve got plans until a few days in August, but after it’s quiet open what will happen.



New year, new city


Hej på er. Har haft i baktankarna att uppdatera bloggen men det har varit lite trögt att komma igång. Under november och december hade jag väldigt lite fritid då jag skrev både på gradun och gick en kurs på Aalto universitet. Skriver fortfarande på gradun men flyttade nyligen till Stockholm för praktik. Nu har jag bott här i tre veckor och stormtrivs. Det känns verkligen som att jag är på rätt plats, i rätt tid.Jag kommer att styra upp några roliga fotoprojekt under våren så ni lär höra lite mer av mig nu.


Hello there. I’ve been thinking about updating the blog but been a bit slow to get started. I had very little extra leisure time during November and December when I was writing on my thesis and taking a course at Aalto. I’m still writing my thesis but I moved recently to Stockholm for an internship. I’ve been here for three weeks and I really really like it. It feels like I’m where I supposed to be right now and that’s a great feeling. I’ll have some fun photo projects during the spring so I’ll keep you guys updated.


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Striped trousers

Loafers     Self portrait

Striped trousers

Self portrait     Gold detail

Striped trousers

This is probably one of my favorite looks right now. A pair of loafers or my slip-on Vans, turtle neck and a pair of high waist trousers. These striped trousers are my most recent purchase. The best part with them is that they look nice and feel like sweatpants.

My style has been changing a bit over the years. I have had my fair share of feminine and cute clothing, wearing sailor inspired pieces and floral patterns. Five years ago I could easily pull off a dress with cat or bow pattern. I even had a period when I really liked the rock chic look and wore thick black eyeliner. However, I have had this idea that my style should be at some point more versatile with a capsule wardrobe with only favorite pieces. For the past two years I have mostly bought classic pieces. Sometimes I would want to have more colors and patterns in my wardrobe, but usually it’s the same clothing that will get used.

Detta är förmodligen mina favoritkläder just nu. Ett par loafers eller mina slip-on Vans, en polo och ett par högmidjade byxor. Dessa kritstreck byxor är mitt senaste köp. De är verkligen sköna, känns som att ha på sig ett par mjukisbyxor.

Min stil har ändrats en aning under åren. Jag har haft väldigt feminina och gulliga kläder. Ett tag tyckte jag om att bära svart kajal och ha rockchica kläder. Hur som helst så har jag velat ha en mer organiserad garderob med bara favoritplagg. Så de 2 senaste åren har jag köpt mest klassiska plagg. Ibland händer att jag skulle vilja ha mera färg och mönster i min garderob, men för det mesta använder jag samma plagg om och om igen.