It goes in waves

The last time I checked in here, I could feel the sun burning on my skin and I had just returned from one month in Vienna. Now, the yellow leaves are falling day by day from the maple trees in our courtyard. The sun is not that bright anymore.

This Autumn has been very calm, almost quiet after graduation. It is a strange yet familiar state-of-mind. Being in-between places. Waiting for something to happen.

In the meantime, I have been exploring and tried out new things. Like sketching again and going to dance classes. Also, going on events related to my career aspirations to get inspired and motivated.


The Ocean

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Vienna in retrospect




A few days ago I was in Vienna, wandered in the heat with little clothes and mesmerized by the beauty of the city. I did overpack my suitcase, of course, with long sleeves and trousers that got barely worn. I think this was the first time I actually travelled alone. Or, going to a place I’ve never been before without knowing anyone.

It was nice to get away from Helsinki after handing in my thesis and just indulge in things that I liked. I’ve visited a couple of museums and did some trips while picking up some German. I’ve met more people in one month than I probably would during a year back at home. One could say it was quiet an intense month, but a great one.

Now I’m slowly getting back to reality and trying to figure out my future destination, because my graduation is just around the corner.


Thick sweaters, word counting and summer plans





Några vykort från de sista veckorna jag var i Stockholm.

Det var ett tag sedan jag uppdaterade. Jag har hunnit vara drygt en vecka i Helsingfors nu. Kommer att vara här i maj och juni för att skriva färdigt min graduavhandling. Jag har kommit lite igång men ska försöka få till ett skrivflow nästa vecka. Ser fram emot att sommarvärmen ska komma till Helsingfors, bär ännu ylletröjor och yllekappa i maj liksom. Jag har inte så mycket inplanerat nu, kanske en sväng till Österbotten under juni. Men i juli kommer jag att bo en månad i Wien så det ska bli kul!

It’s been a while since I updated. I’ve been about a week in Helsinki. I’ll be in Helsinki during May and June to finish my thesis. I’ve started writing slowly, but will try to get a better writing flow next week. I’m looking forward to warmer summer weather here, because I’m still wearing thick wool sweaters and coat in May. I don’t have so much planned out, will maybe go to Ostrobothnia during June. One nice thing! I’ll stay one month in Vienna.


Stockholm, lately

Stockholm - Filippa K


Som jag tidigare nämnde flyttade jag till Stockholm för praktik. Två av mina mål förra året var att få in foten i modebranschen och göra en praktik utomlands innan examen. Jag jobbade mot dessa mål förra året genom att göra en kort praktik på Lovia vid sidan om studierna och tog två kurser i marknadsföring med inriktning på mode på Aalto universitet. Planen var att redan göra praktiken utomlands under sommaren. Jag hade ett par intervjuer under våren med ett par stora modeföretag i Tyskland men jag var inte riktigt redo att åka just då. Så det blev en ganska stillsam sommar och jag började skriva på gradun istället.

I oktober började jag söka praktikplatser igen. I november blev jag erbjuden två praktikplatser, ena var i Köpenhamn och den andra i Stockholm. Båda praktikplatser var inom mode, så det var ett svårt val men som tur jag hade tid för att fatta ett beslut. Det blev Stockholm. Nu har jag fyra veckor kvar av min praktik på Filippa K. Som E-commerce praktikant jobbar jag mest med hemsidan. Jag har bl.a. uppdaterat hemsidan med produktbeskrivningar och lyft upp produkter som har marknadsförts i våra nyhetsbrev. Förra veckans onsdag lanserades vår nya hemsida. Överlag har jag lärt mig massor om modeindustrin och e-handeln. Det är även speciellt kul att få jobba med ett varumärke som jag själv tycker om.


As I earlier mentioned, I moved to Stockholm to an internship. Two of my goals last year were to get into the fashion industry and do an internship abroad before graduation. I worked towards these goals through doing a short internship at Lovia part-time and took two courses in fashion marketing at Aalto university. The initial plan was to do an internship during the summer. I had a few interviews during the spring with a couple big fashion companies in Germany but I wasn’t ready to move at that time. So I had quiet a calm summer and started to write my thesis instead.

I started to apply again for internships in October. In November I was offered two internships in Copenhagen and Stockholm. Both internship were in fashion. It was quiet a difficult decision but luckily I had possibility to choose between them. I chose Stockholm. I have still four weeks left on my internship at Filippa K. As an E-commerce intern, I’m working mostly with the website. I have been for example updating the website with product descriptions and merchandising the products that have been marketed in our newsletters. Last Wednesday we launched our new website. I feel that I have learnt a lot about the fashion industry and e-commerce. It is also especially fun to work with a brand that I personally like.