Logo design • Visual identity

About the project

Present is a series of online discussions focusing on the future of cultural events and activities organised by The Finnish Institute in London (Finnish Institute UK & Ireland) during Autumn 2020. We live in a time of big changes. Coronavirus, climate change and societal movements challenge us to rethink our practices. What kind of future are we creating? These topics were explored by prominent Finnish, British and Irish professionals.

The Challenge

I was given the task to design a versatile logo that could be used in all of the events despite the change of topic. The target group for the events were professionals and people interested in the future of arts and cultural sector.

The Solution

Besides using a letter logo, I wanted to design a logo that communicated being present but also presenting and performing as some of the event topics were about online festivals and performances. The eye logo was drawn to soft strokes to give the logo a more human touch. Each event had it’s own unique colour while the logo remained the same.

Some ideas that were presented

Final versions

The Impact

Overall, the Present series was very successful with over 600 attendees. The simple logo design made it easy to distinguish the Present event marketing in social media. The events and the campaign graphics received also positive feedback from the audience and The Finnish Institute’s stakeholders.

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