Logo design • Visual identity Packaging

About the project

A speculative design idea for a fictional coffee brand

For some people coffee is like air. It’s essential for them to function and stay awake. Hence, I came up with idea of a coffee brand name Réveillé Coffee. Réveillé means awake in French.

The objective was to present Réveillé Coffee as a small and independent brand. I visualize this is a local brand that would appeal both young and older people.

The solution

Besides having the brand name, I wanted to design a simple logo that people associate with coffee. The coffee beans simple shape are easy to distinguish and remember. I also wanted to put the emphasis on the packaging itself, making it minimalist and straight to the point. Each coffee packaging has it’s own different colour scheme, while the label design remains the same.

Since this is a fictional coffee brand there isn’t any impact yet!

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